The audition will begin with our musical director leading you through some vocal warm-ups in order to get a sense of how well you can sing scales and match pitch. (And of course it gives you a change to warm your voice up for your solo!) After a few warmups, we will then listen to you sing your song of choice.
Please be prepared with one verse and one chorus (approximately 1 minute) of a song that best highlights your voice. (Try to memorize your lyrics so you can perform better!)

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Q: I’ve never sang in front of people before, should I be scared?
A: Acasola is a strong performance-based group that looks for individuals that are out-going and fun-loving. Singing in front of a panel of judges will be nerve-wracking whether you have experience or not, so just come out and show us what you got!

Q: What kind of song should I sing?
A: Any song that showcases and highlights the strongest points of your voice. Make sure it’s impressive and intriguing enough to wow an audience!

Q: Is it okay if I don’t have any experience?
A: Although experience is beneficial due to quickly learning music in this fast-paced group, it isn’t necessary! 

Q: What is a callback? What do I expect?
Callbacks are designed to see how well you sound and perform with group. We will send you sheet music and recordings of songs that we perform as a group and ask you to learn it to the best of your ability by the time you get to the callback. This will give you a chance to mingle with the group, show us your ability to sing with the group, show us your ability as a soloist, and also as a dancer! (Yes, we do choreography!)

Q: When will I find out if I got a callback or not?
A: After deliberating on the last night of auditions you will either receive an email or phone call based off whether or not we would like to hear more from you at a callback.

Q: I can’t make callbacks! What do I do?
A: Although accommodations can be (and have been) made, it would be extremely beneficial to attend callbacks to the best of your ability. Just make sure to keep good communication as to why you can’t and what we can do to come up with a solution.

Q: I missed the auditions for this semester. When will the next auditions be?
A: Acasola holds auditions every semester! Every fall for sure, and depending on whether we are competing or not, we also hold Winter or Spring auditions.

Q: How many people are you taking?
A: Depending on who graduates and what voice parts we need to fill, it fluctuates every year. Sometimes we’ll need 7, sometimes we’ll only need 1. But don’t let that discourage you! If you’re a phenomenal singer and performer we can always use extra star power!

Q: Why should I audition for Acasola?
A: Although A Cappella has the stigma of being nerdy and weird, Acasola breaks those expectations and excels at being one of the most exciting groups to see all over the country. We’re a strong family of students who all love music and performing and receive compliments on our work ethic and swagger everywhere we go. From placing 1st at the Los Angeles A Cappella Festival in 2016 to being featured as the first track on the “Best Of College A Cappella 2018” album, Acasola has done amazing things and will continue to need amazing people to uphold our legacy.